Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Morning...late morning to be exact...we got out of the hotel. To us, we woke at 0730, but it's three hours later here. Nevertheless, it's the most sleep I've had in weeks, so it was a nice start to a business vacation.

We're here a bit early for the medical education course I'll be taking, and so after we got going, we drove to the Disney's chunk of Florida, and visited the Animal Kingdom. Last time we were here (more than a decade ago), important parts hadn't been built yet, so we looked at some, but not all of the new things. As a zoo, the quality has diminished from what I remember, but as an attraction, it's improved. More rides, more to give kids pleasure.

Before we really got going, though, we checked out of the park to have a meal at the Rainforest Cafe. Aside from a good Mai Tai, it was forgettable food. Too bad.

forestcats was delighted with the day, and I'm very glad. She was pouty when the park was closing and we had to leave, as she got in touch with her inner four-year-old. Lovely.

In the evening, we went to a restaurant/rum bar called Cuba Libre, and along with a very delicious Cubano meal, I tasted three different rums. The Kraken was so-so; I didn't really taste the spice that's supposed to be in it. The pot-stilled rum was too harsh for me. However, the Pusser's Navy 84 was almost as delicious a rum as the Oronoco that I've been enjoying for a while. Yum. I got a bit tipsy, but motor function was adequate, even though I couldn't feel the tips of my fingers.

I've already slept for a while, after reading a bit, while forestcats uploaded the day's photography. Now, she sleeps, and I'll crash again for a while, before we get up for some more adventures.

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