Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Yesterday, we open after ablutions with the hotel's continental breakfast. However, it's very restricted. Only cold dishes, anything warm is extra. Only tea and coffee, any juices are extra. What??? There's hardly any variety in the cereal, for example. It's the first time in fifty years that I've eaten Cheerio's for example; whatever baked goods they offered were all stale. Not pleasant.

We were picked up by Gail and Howard immediately following breakfast, and we went to the Convention Center to sign in and get our tags and whatnot. It turned into an adventure while we looked for parking, which was the first of many laughs of the day. Once signed in, we found that we could purchase tickets for our intended goal right there at the Center, rather than waiting in line at Universal, so that helped speed things up.

Universal, following the Disney model, has divided the park into two sections, and you have to pay more to go to both. We paid for only one section, since three out of the four of us have been Universaled to death in Hollywood. We turned to the Islands of Adventure section, rather than the part more similar to the portion in the hills near Burbank.

The IoA portion includes the Seuss area, the Lost Continent, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Toon Town (sounds familiar...), and I'm sure I'm forgetting a part or two. Most of these come equipped with a thrill ride or three, and maybe a show or two, each of which had a fairly long line, as it was a Sunday. However, we were here primarily to experience the Potter world. forestcats took many photos as we wandered, as instructed by her friends. Once in the Potter section, we lined up for butterbeer, which could either be as a slushy, or as a cold drink. I took it drinkable, my compatriots took it slushy. It was essentially cream soda with a frothy top that tasted of butterscotch. Not bad, but it left me an aftertaste that lasted until I ate something else, hours later. All the shops were terribly crowded, all the rides there had very long lines. As my neck still bothered me from the flights here, I chose not to ride, thus ending up with a bit of facial sunburn.

Finishing our round of the IoA park, we waited a bit and then were seated early at Emeril's Orlando restaurant. The food was very good, but the service wasn't quite at the high standards of an Emeril-run restaurant such as those we've experienced in NOLA or Las Vegas. Still, we enjoyed having dinner with our friends.

Once back at the hotel, I crashed, fairly early. And thus, to the day...

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