Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Epcot today.

I've posted earlier via my iPhone that Epcot is my favorite Disney venue. I stand by that statement.

I spoke to my Mother, this evening, and she admitted that she and Dad (may he rest in peace) went to Epcot once and didn't like it, because they compared it to the World's Fair in New York in the middle 60s, and it didn't compare well. I also attended the World's Fair with them, but at the time I was approximately 7-years-old, and I remember the bustle and the odd scents (odd to a kid growing up in Wisconsin; probably I'd know those scents NOW), but aside from the Disney rides that I went to over and over again as they were all recycled to use at Disneyland, I really don't remember anything much about the Fair. So, I enjoy Epcot; I describe it as a permanent World's Fair.

OTOH, I was sorely tempted to take some time off and fly forestcats and I to Shanghai this summer, because they had an Expo there that WAS a World's Fair. I had a very solid hankering, but time wasn't available, let alone the funding. Besides, I'm not sure how I would have dealt with exhibits that I couldn't read, as my Mandarin or Cantonese are non-existent.

So, the day. We open with me awakening about 8AM; the front of the park opens at 0900, but I sat down at the computer to putter for about an hour. forestcats woke about an hour later, growling. She'd originally woken at 0500, but went back to sleep. She was sure that we were missing things by not being at the park, yet, so we got washed up, dressed, and out.

We were inside Epcot by about 10:30, and the section of our primary interest, the World Showcase, didn't open until 11, so we spent a bit of time looking for our Leave a Legacy photo. In the entry to Epcot, there's these granite obelisks with attached metal plates, upon which are etchings from photos of visitors. Ours was 11 years and one day old, and we were directed to the spot, and were delighted to see our etching in place. Nice feeling that my nieces and nephew might someday be able to hunt us down, if ever they visit and are so inclined.

Next, out wandered one of the Disney characters, Stitch, and forestcats began to channel her inner 4-year-old. It was sweet, seeing her react to one of her favorite characters.

We then entered the Imagination pavilion. It's one of my favorite sites in Disney World, and Eric Idle and Figment amused me again.

So, by then enough time had passed that we could enter the deeper park. Because the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival (9/30 - 11/13, IIRC) was going on, we ate our way around the lagoon, tasting from a variety of nations. There were 29 booths, most with national dishes (Canada, Ireland, South Africa, USA, France, Italy, etc.), a few with types of food (Barley & Hops, Cheese, Champagne & Desserts). We ate from less than half. We chose not to eat from familiar nations, such as Italy or Mexico, because we could get that type of food rather easily. Instead, we ate at unusual countries (Singapore, for example) or dishes that we don't normally get, such as lobster at the US booth. (Yes, I know you'd think we were lobstered out, but you'd be wrong.) In the end, we agree that our two favorites were Singapore and Australia.

We then went to a cooking demonstration by the chef from a TV series we'd seen, which had been called The Chef Jeff Project. It was combined with a tasting of a merlot from Sonoma County; they then fed us the dish under production. Finally, the chef did a signing of sales of his latest cookbook. At our table, a young lady had brought not only that cookbook, but a previous one, and she was on Cloud 9 having him sign both. We didn't get a book, but after the line dissipated, I stopped to speak to the chef, congratulate him on his show, and urged him to pursue another season or more. He agreed, saying that he's been trying, though the Food Network is disinterested. I wish him well.

We did a few more rides (and I did poorly on one, causing me vertigo and nausea), and then watched the fireworks at closing. I have to admit that I got rather emotional; as much as I'd kept my countenance placid, I was delighted to be in the park all day, and knowing that in a few hours we'd be heading home struck me hard. Childish? I suppose. But in my heart, I wanted to stay, and stay, and stay...

We're packed, forestcats is asleep, but I couldn't. I had to write while the muse touched me, and I won't have time in the morning. It's going to be a rough flight again, with plane changes, and several ups and downs, and I don't want to miss out on passing this feeling I had into my post, mostly for my own future perusal. But if you, the reader, have never been to Epcot, I recommend it most highly, especially during the run of the Festival.

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