Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We just came home from an evening out with mr_curmudgeon in which we visited The Thrilling Adventure Hour, a play parodying 1940s radio shows. The cast was very good, there were several guest stars, there was a band...the Andy Paley Band(!), and in this instance, it was done as if 'twere a musical! In the row in front of us were two actors whose actual names I don't know, but both have recurring parts in The Big Bang Theory (to the right, the fellow who runs the comic shop; to the left, the fellow with the lisp who is Sheldon's nemesis at the college). Later in the show we figured out why. Among the guest stars were a variety of folks who look rather familiar (for that matter, the same goes for the crowd, in all honesty, aside from the two that I mentioned above), including but not limited to Simon Helberg, Jake Ritter, Nathan Fillian, and J. W. Sommers (spellings not guaranteed). It was funny, well-written, and used a minimum of effects to achieve what they needed to. I gather that podcasts of the shows are downloadable via iTunes. Thank you very much for the opportunity, mr_curmudgeon!

Earlier in the day I did some mundane things, such as getting the car smog checked (passed), laundry, and reading two comic books: DMZ #70, soon to be concluded, and Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island #4 of 4 - too disjoint, and an unsatisfying ending, though rather Victorian, in the end.

Don't forget that this is Daylight Savings' last gasps; modify your clocks appropriately (I should follow my own advice!).

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