Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Since my last post, last night, and realizing that I had another hour of sleep, I read the rest of my stockpiled comic books from before the trip.

First was The Infinite Horizon #5 of 6; honestly, I don't recall reading #4, it's been so long since the last book of this series (more than a year???). It postulates a post-apocalyptic world; the world falls apart, stranding US forces overseas (like the game Twilight 2000). An officer in the US Army tries to bring his team back to the US after things fall apart. That's the scenario, this book deals with another attempt that he makes to take over a ship to sail home. There's one more planned book...I can only imagine how long it's going to be until that one shows up.

Next was a pair of comics, Star Trek #1 & 2; these are set in the universe after the latest movie, and these two books deal with the adventures from ST:TOS in the world of the reset. This is the storyline of the second pilot episode, which was the first one shown, with Kirk dealing with having to kill a buddy who'd become inhuman and psychically powered after running into the edge of the galaxy. Name of the episode escapes me just now. With over 70 episodes, let alone the movies, to use as fodder, this run of comics ought to be pretty safe for material. Art was fair, and the manipulation of the original script was pretty solid, too. I think I'll be following this one, though I've rarely pursued ST comic series before.

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