Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I was pleased at how busy I was at work, yesterday, with the office hopping, and then five nursing home stops after office hours. Nice.

During the day, my wife joined a number of friends and others who were welcoming home the son of some friends, who had been with the Army in Afghanistan as a medic, and he was returning home from his tour of duty. She posted several videos of the group waiting in Baggage Claim for his arrival. Mazel Tov!

As she followed that up by going to a quilt club meeting, I put on streaming from Netflix, once I got home and ate, and ran The Captains, a documentary by William Shatner in which he interviews the various captains of Star Trek in all of their incarnations. It was a very interesting piece of work, examining how the show affected them, and detailing what each of them brought to their roles. It's worth a viewing, if you've ever liked any of the various shows or movies.

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