Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

A busy evening, yesterday, after work: I got two pounds of pecans prepared. Thursday evening I had made the syrup and they dried overnight; last night I fried them up in peanut oil. I know for a fact that brushette will eat them wholesale, so they are in hiding until next Thursday when they will be brought out to fanfare!

Once that was done, we worked our way through a disc of season three of Fringe; not a bad one, either. We have another in hand, and half the season to go after that. forestcats is champing at the bit to get to season four, which we've been gathering on the DVR since the season started.

Oh, and I showed her Going Postal, night before last, including the introduction by PTerry. She found it slow to get started, but she enjoyed it by the end. IIRC, they're already in production of another of PTerry's books...
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