Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

It amazes me how many people driving do illegal or stupid things. I'm a very defensive driver, and it's saved me repeatedly.

Last night, I was sitting at a stop light while en route home for the evening, when a van started into a left turn in front of me. However, there was a bicyclist riding across the street into the turning van. Clearly, from a legal standpoint, it was the van driver's fault, but here's the stupidity: the bicyclist was riding in the dark without a light, reflectors, and wearing dark clothing. I could barely see him, and I bet the van didn't. There was no collision, but it was a close call.

Then, two blocks farther on, I see a young woman jogging with her dog. Woman is wearing black sport pants, and a medium blue or gray sport top. No light colors, no reflectors. Dog is black or dark brown...but the DOG has a blinking red light on the collar! Nice! So if the jogger gets hit by a car, the dog will survive...or if a driver swerves to miss the dog, they won't see the jogger. Very nice...

During the same fifteen minute drive, I saw two people run stop signs, and one not stop while turning right on a red light. I wonder how anyone survives?

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