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It was quite a day, yesterday.

We open with me getting out of the house to do my hospital rounds. I tried for alacrity in my duties; I succeeded.

I was persuaded to curtail my perambulations and come home, because by that time it was raining, and it wasn't clear how bad the roads would be, en route to Dungeonmaster, so I left the subacute visits to see them today, and came home to find that brushette was very uncomfortable. After watching her closely for some time, we decided that she was feeling arthritic, and painful, due to the weather. We set her up with a comfy spot to rest, and left for the show.

Oddly, except for a slow-down to look at an accident on the opposite side of the 60 Freeway, we had little trouble getting into the neighborhood of the show. However, we were so early, that we decided to grab a pizza to bring to eat once we got there, and stopped at a Papa Paul's on Vermont. They were out of mediums??? We gathered that meant that they didn't have the smaller boxes any more. While we waited, a mouse snuck into the front door, which was open a crack due to air pressure; once it saw that it was under observation, it rushed back out into the rain. Nice. Ew.

Once we got to the show venue, the entryway was "flooded"...or at least, there was water on the floor. A mop was found to spread it out to dry out, rather than puddle.

Dungeonmaster, the show, was packed, again, but at least this time they shifted the lighting booth, so it opened up eight more seats. The players and cast seemed to be having a lot of fun with it; the cast even included some usual audience members because they were playing out roles of characters who had been imprisoned in the past. The audience players were out to retrieve them all. Loong, SuperPenguin, Go-Diva, etc., are now out and able to help defend the Isle of Windon, huzzah!

When the show was over, and clean-up begun, we joined about half the audience and a few cast at Dennys to have a bite and some rollicking times before calling it a night, and I discovered that Dennys thinks I'm a Senior...they have a menu just for the 55+ year olds. How nice...

And now for the run up to Thanksgiving!

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