Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

The week moves on, and in only a few more hours it'll be Orphans' Thanksgiving! I've got to get the curried fruit done tonight...

We are having a visit from a young lady named Shelby. She and my wife will be doing lots of delicious things in the kitchen, today, while also probably spending time with the horses and donkey in the corral. I expect that they'll have fun; I'll be working.

Earlier this week, I set aside a book I was reading, because it's a re-release/expansion from a story written more than a decade ago: David Weber's A Beautiful Friendship. That doesn't make it bad, it's just that I'm not in the mood to re-read it now.

My beloved spouse is considering whether or not she feels like braving the crowds on Black Friday. So far, it sounds like she hasn't seen much that she wants to pursue.

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