Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Thanksgiving Day is our favorite holiday of all, what with our Orphan's Thanksgiving event. My wife had been cooking and preparing for several days in advance; I had even cooked two dishes myself in advance of the day, the spiced pecans and the curried fruit. Both were well-accepted, on the day, though both had leftovers.

We opened with cleaning, but while we were in the midst of it, forestcats found someone on Craigslist who was selling pieces of furniture that she wanted to use to set up a more efficient sewing room so she could more easily get her hands on fabrics and other gear, and he even delivered to us on T-day! So I helped unload the materials into the breezeway.

Finally, folks started showing up, and we figured out a structure of tables and chairs to get everyone into the den. In the end, we had twenty at the table; four expected didn't show because the eldest was in the hospital under cardiac observation; others couldn't find a ride out this way. So forestcats cooked for thirty, but fed twenty. Plenty for sandwiches!

We had three turkeys; each cooked in a different way. One was in a wasabi/ginger brine, one was made in the Alton Brown method, as described in his Good Eats episode Romancing the Bird, and the last was cooked with a dry rub of my wife's standard rub. We also had two buffalo tritips slow-cooked in the crockpot in a wine braise.

There were over a dozen side dishes, as well as biscuits and Parker house buns, and several desserts (though we couldn't find the pineapple upside down cake, and suspect canine depredations). Oh, and themodeinliz and axelicious brought their dog Megatron as well, bringing the dogpack up to four.

It was a lovely time. Good food, good conversation, good fun. Heck, some of the gang even went out into the bounce house for a while.

As we finished putting away the leftovers, I put on the TV; my wife fell into exhausted slumber, and I put on Dante's Peak. It was pretty formulaic; seemed just like Jaws with the mountain taking the place of the shark. However, I thought it was a fairly solid piece of work as far as showing the realities of volcanic actions, and the CGI was pretty good.

I then overslept this morning. I have more dishes waiting for me, and I'll be doing laundry as well. Now that the furniture is here, we'll be doing up the room for my beloved. It's going to be a fine weekend!

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