Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Busy, not quite restful day, yesterday.

There was clean-up to do. There still is now, but much, much less. IIRC, all that's left are the cutting boards to scrub, and to pick up a few strays vegetables strewn about by the dogs.

There's laundry that's been waiting for a while, during the run-up to Thanksgiving. I got several loads done.

Then there's these new shelving units that we're going to set up in what will be a sewing room for forestcats. I've lugged the parts for one unit upstairs; today will be another. Hopefully we'll get some construction done today.

Then a quick trip to IKEA for missing/broken parts. Unfortunately, they gave us the wrong ones. And a stockboy there had no idea what a dowel is!

In the latter part of the evening, we drove down by LAX to visit with Elst and Carole as they helped put on a room party at LosCon. We're not planning on attending the convention, but as we are their friends, they have us in. It's a Wine/Cheese/Chili/Dessert party, and so my wife brought three of her homemade cheeses to share (a young blue, the leftover brie from Thanksgiving, and a butter cheese that she'd made). By the time we left, the brie was nearly gone, the blue half gone or more, and the butter cheese down by about 40%. Nice. We had some good conversations with our friends, and with a few pro SF authors including Greg Benford, Tim Powers, Karen Anderson. I saw Larry Niven in the distance...

A bit more cleaning and laundry today; maybe some furniture construction, and then this evening we're going to see Tractor do some standup! Woohoo!

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