Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I also dumped a book this morning. MacArthur's War is supposed to be an alternate history novel about the end of WWII with the Allied invasion of the Japanese home islands, and this is fine. However, to get to the point of the novel, the authors made what I consider to be too many twists in history, and that bothered me to the point of not reading it (not only did the US lose the Battle of Midway, but the Manhattan Project fails, leaving it the the Soviet to explode the first A-bomb in 1956...c'mon...). I usually only like these kind of books if they only manipulate history once, and then use their imaginations to consider what that change implies. Losing Midway doesn't suggest, to me, that our scientists wouldn't then be able to come up with nuclear weapons, forcing us to fight Japan to the death.
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