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December 3rd, 2011

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04:26 pm
After a rather busy day/night on Thursday, I had to get up pretty early on Friday to finish the nursing homes and another small clinic before office hours. Out at a time where I'm usually on the computer, I logged in at the office to putter in between patients.

LJ wasn't very responsive, as I've posted previously. I did finally get on, and put up a few posts yesterday.

In the evening, we went to services; my beloved made salad out of our garden, and included a garnish of my spiced pecans, which went well, I think. It was a relaxing service, and it was nice to hang and chat.

Home, she had me put on the fifth disc of season three Fringe, and she was pretty frustrated that we still have one more disc to go to finish the season. We have several of season four's episodes on the DVR, waiting for us to catch up, and she's champing at the bit to watch them.

OTOH, between Netflix and purchasing, we have several full-blown movies to watch, not to mention special features from some TV series. It would be pretty satisfying to knock off the series, though; I agree.

I have to make more of my nuts, today, and maybe we'll take them when we go to the Yankee Swap tonight at axelicious & themodeinliz's place. We have some pretty fair items for the swap...

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