Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

With LiveJournal down, I for once will be originating a post on DreamWidth. Wow!

You'd think I would have rested, yesterday, but no...

First of all, I cleaned out a lot of material (though I'm sure I've missed a duplication here and there) on my ebook. Afterwards, just for the heck of it, I counted the number of books I've got on the thing, and it turns out to be 1770!

Then, a bit of laundry, some dishes, and I started another two pounds of my spiced pecans; I ran out of time and energy, I'm afraid, but I'll finish today.

The early evening was special when my wife broke out her flamethrower...yes, she bought a propane-powered device to burn out weeds and unwanted bric-a-brac. It's truly a three person job; one on the flamethrower, one to lug the propane tank, and one to follow-up with a hose, putting out embers. It was wise to do it in the evening, because the embers were much easier to see than they would have been in full light. For that matter, any earlier, we would have had too much of a wind, and coals would have gone flying into structures and bushes unintended. Anyway, it was pretty spectacular.

We then went to the Yankee Swap at the Axelsen's; an annual event. We brought a couple of gifts that we hope were useful to whomever won them; I got a Comic Con 2011 Special Edition My Little Pony, while my wife got faux antlers, and a couple of scarves in a holiday theme. In other words, she won the night, since she's been hankering to go to the horse auction, where they were selling ponies. She's pretty happy with the outcome. She's happy, I'm happy.

We returned home to discover that brushette the beagle managed to get into the master bathroom, chow down big time on the cat food there, and destroyed a rug, tore a hole in the wall, and ruin all but three very important feminine products. Oy...

Today, Dungeonmaster! It's the Guardian of the Flame episode, where six party members from earlier in the season get to go onstage, and try to win fame and power! Be there!

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