Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Friday night was services. Saturday night was the Yankee Swap. But last night? That was the Guardian of the Flame episode for this season's Dungeonmaster, and there was something rather unusual about this script.

However, Sunday started out with LJ under attack because of the Russian elections. Now that they're over, oddly enough LJ is fine. Who knew?

Finally, we got started around noon, and we bought pet foods, bits and pieces from Costco, and we looked at laptops for me. Yes, I will be mobile, soon.

Home, I finished two pounds of spiced pecans as a snack for the cookie exchange later this week. It took a while, but forestcats helped me time things.

Then, we were off to the show, since I had to be relatively early.

See, this episode they had all the present Guardians of the Flame, and Shadow Guardians involved in pitched battles, and so I actually had some stage time, and a few lines. When my time came, I wandered onto the stage, and suddenly there was all this noise...thank you for the kind applause. I did my thing, and ran off...only to have a sudden return several scenes later for a quick funny line. The party had 100% survival; 33% induction into the ranks of Guardians.

Following the show, it was time to go get some food; we hadn't eaten since lunch, missing dinner. I was amazed at how many of the cast, crew and audience all showed up at Dennys for a post show eat and greet; since the venue damn near sold out again, it was quite the party. Congrats to those who succeeded, and good luck next season to those who didn't.

Oh, and the opening show's puppetry was a gas.

But now, to reality, and back to work.

Heal, raise, heal, raise, heal, raise...
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