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December 11th, 2011

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04:05 pm
Late yesterday, I finished reading a Mike Resnick novel, again set in a steampunkish fantasy Wild West in a world where the combined magical power of Indian medicine men keeps the United States from crossing the Mississippi River. Only a scattered few settlements exist beyond the river, under sufferance from the natives. In this milieu, Resnick writes of interactions between gunslingers; in this case it's Doc Holliday and Billie the Kid.

Name of the book is The Doctor and the Kid: A Weird West Tale.

I don't like these books (this is the second in this series) as well as his other fantasy and SF work. Reading the books reminds me very much of his Widowmaker series, which should be no surprise since they deal with a gunslinger in the frontier of galactic exploration. I guess the point is that it's essentially a form of steampunk, but that genre isn't my favorite. Still, I did enjoy it well enough to want to see more, and it appears there will be more books coming.

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