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December 17th, 2011

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03:38 pm
We had services last night at the Archers, and the food and company were very good.

This week there were two new comic books. First was Samurai's Blood #6 of 6, which completed the saga in a fairly predictable ending. Second was Warehouse 13 #3 which was fair, but not nearly as amusing as the TV series.

I dumped a couple of books, as well. First was Ellis Peters' Shropshire by Edith Pargeter, who's nom de plume was Ellis Peters. I really loved the Cadfael series of mysteries by Peters, and they were set in Shropshire; from the writing you can tell that Pargeter loved her county, but she just didn't manage to make me interested enough to finish reading the book. The second one was Michael Palin's Hemingway's Chair. It's another case of me feeling the pressure of all the other books I want to read, and if this book didn't engage me right away, I just stopped.

I'm running Rolemaster today, and looking forward to it.

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