Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Once home, last night, after all the day's duties, my beloved asked to go out for sushi, and we stopped at Rumble Fish again, with a tasty repast.

Once home, though, she'd made it clear that she could see I was exhausted, so she insisted that I get more rest. Therefore, I was in bed asleep 90 minutes earlier than I usually do, and more like 150 minutes earlier than I have been generally in the last several days. Even so, I found myself almost not awakening at all for the alarm clock, which tells me that my wife is a smart woman.

Speaking of which, the gingerbread men that she made yesterday, decorated to look like ST:TOS crewmen were outstanding...

Oh, and then there's the book...see, for a number of years now, since I finished reading C. S. Forester's Hornblower books, I've been reading Alexander Kent's Bolitho series, another Napoleonic nautical adventure saga. The first dozen or so are good reads, though they have a modern feel (as opposed to Patrick O'Brian's, but that's another thing entirely). However, the last few have just dragged. I was trying to get into In the King's Name which carries on the storyline into the years following Napoleon's defeat, and I just found it unreadable. The book jumps into the head of character after character dealing with their feelings, and laying about heavily with history from the other books. There's hardly any description of the scene or the activities surrounding the characters. I tried to read it, hoping that it would improve, but it didn't, and I gave it up. Too bad.

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