Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We open the evening, last night, with my beloved asking to have dinner out at a Mexican place. I agreed, though I disliked her initial choice. Trying to be agreeable, nonetheless, we got into the truck, and then forestcats searched her iPhone for other local options of such food, and we ended up at Zendejas in Chino, where we had a very nice meal, reasonably cheaply. I think we'll be back pretty quickly.

Home, we put on a Netflix disc of Water for Elephants, which we'd expected to enjoy, but didn't. Stopping it after an interminable time, we put on Slumdog THAT was GOOD! I'd heard very good things about that movie, but mixed reviews of the former one, so I wasn't surprised that we enjoyed SM...

I'm on duty this weekend, and I'm covering three additional doctors; makes for a better paycheck, but a rougher time. I've already got two admissions to deal with, along with about a dozen folks in the hospital...

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