Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Here we have a weekend where I thought that for the most part we'd be able to get a bit of rest.


Neither were we able to do some construction work I was considering...building some bookcases for the cookbooks. No.

Saturday was my Rolemaster game, and I think it went pretty well. Folks seemed to have had some fun, which is, of course, the point. Once everyone one left, though, we got into production, and stayed up cooking until past 2AM.

Sunday morning we were up very early, and I joined my wife and another woman from our Havurah at the Union Station Homeless Shelter to feed the homeless breakfast. We got to their kitchen early, did setup and I helped with slicing and a bit of cleanup, and then we opened and I finished the plates with fruit, and passed them to the diners. The food was definitely appreciated, and when they'd all eaten, there were a few leftovers for the facility chef to use as he saw fit.

Once out of there, we stopped at Game Empire to see their new digs in Pasadena. Nice. Lots of room for gaming folk. We wandered up the street a bit to get a bite to eat for ourselves at The Novel Cafe, and then poked our noses into a quilt store on the way back to the car. Nice enough.

Once home, I was down for the count; napped an hour. Then we were up and out and drove back to North Hollywood for a creative meeting for Dungeonmaster. I took on a more active role; something will have to give, and I expect that it'll be my reading time. We'll see how that flows.

Finally, since we were in the San Fernando Valley anyway, we stopped for a while with my mother. She's been cleaning out things again, modifying Dad's old office space to use as her own office, which is fine. In the course of this, there's items that she's passed on to me, like his golf clubs. I do not golf. This should be curious.

And the work week begins!

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