Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Friday night, I got home late, having to dictate some discharge summaries at the hospital, so I didn't do all that much when I did get home. My wife was out with Loissa, a young woman who had helped her with gardening work that forestcats couldn't do due to her discomfort. Things worked out well, though; looks good.

Saturday opened with me going to services with our group. Once done, back home I went, and did a variety of things that needed doing: in no particular order - laundry, making a prop for Dungeonmaster, building a chair that my wife got at Costco. Doesn't sound like much, does it? However, it took some time. For example, the prop got held up for an hour or so, when Loralie the cat laid down and took a nap on the item. I also put on a Netflix disc or two, as well as doing some streaming. I finished watching disc one of Generation Kill, we finished disc one of season two of The Mentalist, we watched Bill Engvall's standup item 15 Degrees Off Cool via streaming, which was rather funny, and then I put on The Expendables via streaming, which was pretty poor, with unbelievable and poorly shot/staged/lit combat scenes. Figures.

I'm still working on the laundry, even at this moment, and I figure on doing this pretty much all day. I have some work to do on a number of computer files, so I'll probably be burrowed away in the computer room at home all day...

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