Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I had a fairly full day of work, yesterday, but near the end of it, I got a text from my sister the artist, indicating that she was going to be in Pomona, last evening, picking up some materials, and asking if I wanted to meet for dinner. Now, even though she's a vegetarian, I was willing to meet up with her, because she's my sister, and I don't get to see her very much.

Now, my wife had made arrangements to go to see Geek: The Musical (if I've got the title right) in Hollywood, with friends, so it was going to be just me.

I went home, waiting for my sister to respond to my text, and while waiting, I digitized another album from the small stack I'd brought in from the garage.

Unfortunately, my sister didn't read the whole text reply, and so she ate dinner without me, and only texted me afterwards. Still, I went out to meet her, anyways.

Right into the middle of the Pomona Art Walk. Parking was a real bitch, but I finally managed to get the last space in a lot that was almost beyond the artist area. We met up, she was kind enough to wait while I ate from the Mangler's Meltdown food truck, and then we wandered a bit. At one venue, we met one of her longstanding friends in the art world, who had a very nice display of her sculpture; in another, she chatted with one of her former professors from Claremont College, as well as some of her former classmates from her graduate program. I helped carry things to her car, as she picked up something fragile for a show she's setting up presently.

We finished the evening having frozen yogurt at Tutti Frutti, in our neighborhood, and then she was off.

Home, I was greeted by the dog pack in great distress over being left alone. They were also incensed that forestcats wasn't with me. I put on a couple of episodes of Generation Kill while I waited up for my wife to get home. I also promptly forgot to reset my watch and alarm clock, and so I overslept by about a half hour, which all-in-all isn't too bad.

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