Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Twenty-four years ago today, I got dressed up in a grey rented set of clothes (morning coat? tuxedo? I don't recall exactly what the outfit was called), and joined the woman of my life in her white splendor to sign our ketubah. A bit later, we had our ceremony, immortalized in a video that her mother insisted we make. Later, Elmer the Percheron, my wife's partner/carriage horse from the stand near the Watertower in Chicago ate more of the wedding cake than we did, and we were off to marital bliss.

Yes, today is our anniversary; the 24th. Apparently, the gift for this one is supposed to be musical instruments. I think not.

I can't imagine life without forestcats. I can't believe it's been twenty-four years; it really seems like just weeks. I've aged, but when I look at her, I still see the teenager who I started dating nearly thirty years ago.

My love.
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