Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

It's been very busy at work, but I opened yesterday doing a few actions at getting the backyard in shape. Mostly, I acted as a pack animal, lugging bags of soil in for the soon-to-be-readied planters for the mass of tomatoes that will soon be growing under my beloved's tutelage. I also cleared out a few items of trash. Unfortunately, sometime during all that, I strained my left wrist; slowly for the rest of the day it began to hurt more and more, mostly when I extended it pushing up from a chair, pulling down my seatbelt/shoulder strap, or when lifting items (like my clipboard) with it. It's not severe, just irritating, but I'm trying not to abuse it.

I finally finished last week's comic book, Fables #115, and I'm less than impressed. If they don't amuse me soon, this series will be history for me. Once again, they are dealing with what appears to be some five or six seemingly unrelated stories at once, and it is unsatisfying to try to deal with them all. One more book and that's it.

Tomorrow, we're going to build the new grill, and probably test it in advance of the Carnivore's Feast. If it works well, it will be an improvement over the recent past, as it appears to have a larger cooking area, and more burners. I look forward to it.

Then, there's Dungeonmaster on Sunday! Come one, come all!
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