Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

After having a bit of brunch with my beloved, I wiped down the grill from the rain (I had taken all the parts under cover, and closed the hood, since precipitation was expected), I finished the construction. We don't want the rotisserie, so I bagged up the parts and stored them. The only section that didn't connect up adequately was related to the sear grill on the side. I'll test it, but I doubt that I'll use it all that often. It's now a matter of connecting up the propane, and giving it a go...

After a bit of a rest, I drove us to Dungeonmaster. This was the Evil episode for the season, and it was chaotic, and something of a mess. Still, one character is now a Shadow Guardian, and one is a Guardian of the Air, so there was something gained from it all. I have a feeling that the next show will be even wilder, though.

And so another work week begins. Since it's a new month, over the next two days, I will have to go see all of the nursing home patients. For now, though, it'll be just the first three places.

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