Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley


The flight was fine, the arrival airport had an amazing selection of food. It was much colder than my wife had suggested it would be, and we were entertained by water falling from the sky, sometimes as ice cubes.

We couldn't check into our hotel until 3PM, so we used our smart phones map capability to get us to the Cheese Bar, where we had a very nice lunch, and watched the hail fall. When we returned to our rental car, we could scoop up the remaining ice off of it.

Then we worked our way into town to Powell's City of Books, a store that encompasses a full city block of new and used books. Amazing. Overwhelming. They even give out a map of the place, because otherwise you'd get lost in there.

Nineteen books later (for me; three for my spouse), we left and headed to our hotel to check in. Rested a bit, and then we went to dinner at a place that we'd set reservations well in advance: Paleys Place. Apparently, there's a chef named Vitaly Paley who's famed around here for using whatever's local and whatever's fresh. The food was good; some of what we had was excellent. He opened with a shot glass of white beet soup with a hint of lemon oil (good). We had cocktails (I had an Eve's Apple). We ordered appetizers. I had a plate of three tastes of charcuterie (Wagyu beef pastrami with Russian dressing, beef tongue with horseradish sauce, chicken with piquillino terrine; there was a mustardo with apples and cranberries that was superb). Then the entree; mine was rabbit ravioli. Side was beets with horseradish sauce. Finally, for dessert I had three scoops: blueberry/lemongrass sorbet, strawberry sorbet, sesame ice cream.

Today, we wander. I have no idea what we'll see, but I like the fact that there is actual weather, and there's lots of green things here.

Oh, and we're so far north, that the sun wasn't completely set at 1945 hours...

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