Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I was up and out early yesterday, because I knew how much there was to do.

I had hospitals, nursing homes, and subacutes to do, and so I was on the way before 8:30AM, and I hurried.

When I was finished, I had to stop at Petsmart for the cats; I only had one can of wet food left, and I didn't feel like listening to them bitch at me in the morning.

Once home, I got into the yard, and started working on one thing or another; took out another load of trash or two from there, and swept and whatnot. Finally, the sun took its toll, and I had to rest.

My wife finished a costume (for two folks) for Dungeonmaster, and then off we went to the show.

It was chaos incarnate; puppetry galore. Goblins everywhere. And a dragon!

I now await the next script to review...

(Off to work. *Sigh*.)

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