Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Lots happening:

To work, and we were busy.

Then, home...trash out and then I took my wife to the Rowland Heights Truck Fiesta, a weekly event on Wednesdays where a number of food trucks gather in a high school parking lot. This time there were eight of them, three devoted to desserts. I had a venison burger from Vizzi, crispy chicken rice wraps from The Yummy One, and delicious bite-sized cupcakes from Sugar Babies. Just enough food, and very tasty across the board.

En route home, we heard that a friend was involved in a motorcycle/automobile impact, and he was taken to a trauma center. Last we heard, his spleen might need removal, and we're awaiting word as to what happened thereafter.

This morning, the hot tub/jacuzzi/whatever that's been taking up space in the backyard (see, we bought it, found out that it was prohibitively expensive to keep it heated, and that it was prohibitively expensive to deal with the chemicals constantly, so we drained it and only filled it and heated it when we knew we were going to use it...then that became too difficult, as the motor failed due to poor engineering, and after trying to fix it once and not being able, we then tried to give it away, and nobody would take it...) was torn apart and removed, and the area swept clean of bits and pieces. The gazebo that had enclosed it has been taken out over the last few months as well, so the backyard is much more open. Just in time for Carnivore's Feast!

Long day at work ahead, as it's going to be a nursing home day.
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