Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Saturday was astonishingly busy.

We got out of the house fairly early, because we had to meet up with friends at Drama West. We stopped in to say hello, but couldn't stay for the one-act plays due to another engagement. It was great to see our friends there!

On we went to a tea in Pasadena in honor of Suzanne's birthday. We were first to arrive, though we didn't have long to wait. The food was fine, the company delightful. The venue was the Tea Rose Garden, IIRC on Raymond in Pasadena. A pleasant place; I've never been to tea in a formal sense before that I can recall...

We wandered a bit in Pasadena, and then headed home.

I napped. Bliss. Loralie the cat snoozed on my lap, all curled up, while I was out.

Then, forestcats noticed something via Facebook. A comedian that we'd heard much about during the 90s was going to be having a show in a venue not far from us, The Grove. She woke me and asked if I felt like going, so we went. It turns out that the theater is owned and run by Sam Kinnison's relatives, and there's a large picture of him in the lobby...anyway, the opening act wasn't great, but Judy Tenuta appeared, and did a set that certainly was rooted in the 90s, though she did have a few references to the present. Some of her bit was pretty funny, but some was not. I'd call the experience instructive rather than amusing.

Once we left there, it was nearly 10PM, and they roll up the sidewalks here, except possibly for Denny's, but we found a Chipotle that wasn't yet closed and had a late dinner. Now, I've eaten at other restaurants in this chain, and liked the food well enough, but last night at the one in Upland, it was shockingly bland food. Very disappointing.

Home then.

To sum up it was busy and we were on the move a lot. It was good to see friends, and it was good to have the experiences, but I think that today's going to be much quieter, all-in-all...maybe a laundry day?

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