Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Good grief, did I get a lot done, yesterday, and yet it seemed like hardly anything!

Let's not discuss reading; that's covered in a different post. However, I did read a Fables comic, #116, and they did a better job of covering a limited number of topics, thank goodness, and so the book dodges the bullet, and I'm not giving up on it yet.

Then, at the post-services cookout, the grill didn't work to expectations, and so I fiddled with it, and studied the manual, and found out what I'd done wrong. Relighting it, it worked very well, heating to over 350 degrees in about four minutes. It should be fine for Saturday.

I did laundry. A fair amount of laundry, truthfully, and if it was all I was doing, there could have been more, but not a lot more.

I also took over from my beloved, and washed the hardware from the grill, getting the hamburger grease off the metal.

I digitized two albums of U2. Both of them are added to a pile of vinyl that I'm planning on selling to Rhino Records; I won't go until I have a significant pile; say 20 or 25. Digitizing them is a PITA, as I really have to be stuck in one place for nearly an hour, but that's part of how it is that I finished so many books, yesterday.

We knocked off a couple of Netflix discs. First was a Game of Thrones disc; I think it was #2 of season one; we'd tried to start this one up before, but we'd had a scratched disc and had to replace it. Then, I put on Behind Enemy Lines with Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman, and I'd call it fair...if that. Way too much typical symbolism. The swirling camera technique was making me sick!

I also read and commented on the next Dungeonmaster script, and sent it off to the author, so that's out of the way, too.

I'm on hospital duty, but not on call this week, so that's a relief. And there's Dungeonmaster and Carnivore's Feast next weekend, in opposite order.

Finally, this is brushette's actual birthday, today. She has to have some special scraps to empower her for Saturday...I've lost count; is she nine?

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