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May 9th, 2012

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02:10 pm
In the morning before work, I finished reading a story collection by Allen Steele called The Last Science Fiction Writer. There were several very good tales in here, and one or two that didn't spark me, but I'd consider it overall a good value for the money. I can see why the person who first recommended Steele to me suggested that he's the active SF writer most like reading Heinlein's work; his books give me that same feel. If you haven't read any of his books, I suggest you give them a try.

Second, I sat in the driveway of my third housecall for forty minutes yesterday, because I was early, and they'd taken him to physical therapy, and so I finished reading Osprey Warrior #153: Bronze Age Greek Warrior 1600 - 1100 BC. There's some great plates in this one, but most of the photos are of fragments of pottery and bits and pieces of archaeological gleanings. Interesting, but not quite as engaging as other books of this publishing house.

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