Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

After ablutions, I opened yesterday with some banking work; my ATM card failed for some reason, and I had to activate the new one at the bank. That done, I found staples for the staple gun for the next project at a local, non-chain hardware store.

Once home, we loaded out a lot of trash from the breezeway, and proceeded to double up the chicken wire to interfere with the cat Lorolei's wanderings in the front yard. I expect to hear a lot about it from said beastie.

The day was a mostly laundry day from my POV. Lots of loads went in and out of the laundry room all day.

This week, I rediscovered free college-level courses on the Internet. I signed up for a couple in the future with Coursera, asked Udacity to let me know of any future ones, but then I learned of iTunesU. Dozens of free classes! I downloaded several to my laptop, and three to my iPhone, and while I was doing laundry, I listened to four classes (one on African studies, one on Meteorology, one on Australian History, and one film on how to choose meats for braising). I can only imagine what I might yet find out there for free...

When I ran out of steam, I put on a BBC film called Bravo Two Zero with Sean Bean. Pretty worthless, I'm afraid. Oh, well.

Off to celebrate Mother's Day with my family. Then, Dungeonmaster this evening; final episode of this season...

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