Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We've lived in this neighborhood fifteen to twenty years, and there's still some restaurants that have lasted at least that long that we've never tried. Last night, I took my wife out to one in Claremont's village area, just for fun...Aruffo's. Never been there before. The service was excellent. The food was hit-and-miss. I loved my soup; the appetizer was good; the bread came out of the kitchen very tasty, but rapidly lost its flavor. My dessert was good (gelato); my wife's not quite so much. Our entrees were both less than stellar. I think we'd be back, but most likely for lunch rather than dinner...

After that, we wandered the village, and got sucked into Xerxes, a men's clothiers. I got a pair of pants and a shirt; needed the former, the latter less so...

Once home, we streamed Rank, a documentary about bullriding, a rodeo sport, for the uninitiated. Not a bad documentary.

By then, forestcats was asleep. I just couldn't pack it up; not sure why, so I ran an episode or two of Firefly via streaming. *Sigh*.

Today we celebrate the natal anniversary of a friend!

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