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June 9th, 2012

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02:29 pm
We've lived in this neighborhood fifteen to twenty years, and there's still some restaurants that have lasted at least that long that we've never tried. Last night, I took my wife out to one in Claremont's village area, just for fun...Aruffo's. Never been there before. The service was excellent. The food was hit-and-miss. I loved my soup; the appetizer was good; the bread came out of the kitchen very tasty, but rapidly lost its flavor. My dessert was good (gelato); my wife's not quite so much. Our entrees were both less than stellar. I think we'd be back, but most likely for lunch rather than dinner...

After that, we wandered the village, and got sucked into Xerxes, a men's clothiers. I got a pair of pants and a shirt; needed the former, the latter less so...

Once home, we streamed Rank, a documentary about bullriding, a rodeo sport, for the uninitiated. Not a bad documentary.

By then, forestcats was asleep. I just couldn't pack it up; not sure why, so I ran an episode or two of Firefly via streaming. *Sigh*.

Today we celebrate the natal anniversary of a friend!

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