Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Adventures in entomology: ladybug on the tree leaf out front. Nice.

Adventures in beauty: as I was walking up the walkway to the front door, and looking at the explosion of irises in the setting sun, I was accosted by a butterfly! In a small way, it took my breath away.

Adventures in ornithology: leaving a parking lot to go to a nursing home, I was cussed out by a woodpecker who stood his ground on the asphalt. I waited, and he finally assaulted a telephone pole, allowing me to get on with my day.

Adventures in retro-technology: we often have flyovers by various blimps; a few days back, one flew over Upland, but I couldn't make out who was advertising on it.

Adventures in saving my own life: yesterday on my way home, I stopped at Grand and Ramona, a four-way stop, and on my turn started into the intersection when an older lady driving a Prius blew the stop sign at fifty MPH. Had I been quick off the mark, she would have hit my passenger door. Asshole.

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