Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Yesterday was a somewhat lazy day. Not that we didn't get a number of things done. Heck, some laundry was right up there...


We started the day slowly. Very slowly. forestcats wanted to take me where she usually walks on Sunday mornings, Ayala Park in Chino, and she wanted me to see the nests of burrowing owls that are just beyond the edge of the park in several areas. She didn't figure that we'd see the denizens this late in the day, but she wanted me to see the burrows at least. So, we took two of three dogs, and headed out. At the park, only a few of the soccer fields were in use, and we let the dogs run free for a bit. One burrow was easily visible right near our parking...and on a 10-foot fence sat a burrowing owl, give us the eye. Cool. As we marched through the park, in the distance, near another burrow (which was not visible), we saw three owls sitting atop fence posts, just watching the world. Very cool.

Then home. My beloved napped away the afternoon (something she needs when she's ill), while I muddled through some online educational material. When she awoke, I grilled some chicken, and then we watched the US version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Not nearly as good as the Swedish version. I can almost hear the executives from the studio deciding to put an action star in the newsman's place instead of the nebbish that he should have been; adding a daughter instead of letting Salander figure out the Biblical thing; etc, etc, and so forth. I would urge folks to watch the other version.

And now to the work week. I'll be on the beeper starting tonight, so no alcohol until next Monday. I shall persevere.
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