Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Staff had scheduled me to have a housecall on the 4th of July; I told them to leave it be, and I'd just do a bare minimum work, getting home very early. Then, the night before, one of my associates reminded me that he was supposed to work. I agreed that he would go to one of the hospitals, but since I was supposed to have a housecall, I took another hospital that was close to the appointment. I get to the housecall, and find out that the staff had called them last week and rescheduled for two weeks further on...but they left the visit on my list to do. I'm going to be having words with them in a very short while...

I got home pretty early anyway, and we took it pretty easy. I ran the Firefly marathon on SCI while doing laundry; we kept close watch on the dogs, and locked them in after sunset. We went to the park where Chino has their fireworks, but it turns out they had them on 6/30, and by the time we discovered this, it was too late to get to Pomona or Upland for their displays. That was a little disappointing, but in keeping with the day's events. So, back home, and hang with the pups. Cody seemed especially freaked.

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