Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Extremely busy yesterday:

Once up and about, we loaded up the young gentlemen of the north and we drove up to the Hesperia Zoo. It's owned and run by friends of ours; they keep a variety of animals that are often seen on various television shows and movies, and they help take care of animals for the local humane societies. It's a small zoo, but they have some pretty good critters to show. Our charges enjoyed themselves.

Then we went out to lunch with our friends at a local Sizzler. Food was eaten. One of the joyful moments occurred when Sean was decorating his ice cream cone; the elder ladies at the table next to us watched raptly and with great amusement, and when they went for their own desserts, they brought him back a platter of candies to supplement his stock. Gee, thanks!

From there we took them to Bass Pro in Rancho Cucamonga, partially because it was air conditioned, but mostly because of the astonishing number and variety of taxidermy items on display. Things were going swimmingly (including the fish tank) until Jake couldn't buy (or persuade us to buy) a marshmallow gun, and then Sean ran off and hid, leading to consternation amongst the adults. We removed them from the premises forthwith.

Later, I stopped with them at B&N's kids section and let them browse, while my beloved spouse napped in a chair nearby. The pouts and silent treatment eased.

At home, they played with our Wii for a bit; we ate dinner at Norm's, and then hosed the two of them down. A little more Wii, and into bed, where they stayed up playing and jabbering for another hour or so. I can hear them in the distance even now.

I'll be off to work; I understand that forestcats thinks she can control both of them, two dogs, and our friends' daughter Shelby at Dog Beach in Huntington Beach today with no other adults present. I wish her all the luck in the world, and the energy to boot!

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