Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We spent much of yesterday at my mother's in honor of her birthday, and it was pleasant, but I'm reminded that I'm still allergic to something in that area. In addition, it's much hotter in the San Fernando Valley than at my house; my Mom likes her house better lit than I can tolerate without a headache; she doesn't keep her house as cool as I prefer. I persevered, but it was a bit uncomfortable. We chatted, ate deli, watched my nieces in Mom's pool, and brought home a few items that Mom had gleaned from redoing Dad's old office space in the back of the house. A nice day all around.

The two Coursera classes are now fully under weigh and I'm a little daunted. In the F&SF one, we have to finish a book a week for ten weeks, which isn't bad, but we have also to write an essay and review four essays each week with time constraints, and the essay can't start until you've finished the book! Wow, I'm back in college! The World Music class has a lot of listening to do; I haven't got all the videos watched yet, and there's some youtubes I have to view later today. Busy, busy, busy. Oh, yeah, and I have a living to make...

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