Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Work shut down for the afternoon, as my senior associate gave the staff a barbecue and karaoke opportunity. As I was still croaking from being ill, and coughing, I thought I'd do everyone a favor and not attend.

I spent the afternoon getting some paperwork done at one of the hospitals; going to the nursing homes to clean up a few things, and then home to load my Ematic with ebooks for my F&SF class. Then, I kept to the reading assignment of Grimm's Fairy Tales. Still not done, but I've got to start my first essay soon.

Also, the second course (World Music) is going to lay on an assignment in less than 90 minutes. Welcome back to college, old man...

For dinner last night, we popped out to the Rowland Heights Truck Fiesta, primarily because Komodo was there, but in the end, I ordered from a truck we haven't seen before. This was the ZZ Truck. They served me two sliders (tritip with bbq sauce, buffalo chicken), and umami fries. I also got a side of cheese bread. The food quality was very good, and the prices were quite reasonable. Then I found out that the truck is's a spin-off from Sizzler!!! Astonishing.

A good day, somewhat restful, and I actually feel significantly better this morning. I bet by Monday we'll be past the worst of this illness.

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