Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Life has had its ups and downs since I posted yesterday.

To the good: we went to the home of themodeinliz and axelicious where first my wife was involved in a producers meeting for Dungeonmaster's upcoming season starting 9/16, IIRC; then following that we had a meeting involving more of the cast and crew, including me, to plan next season's stories. I'll be reprising my role as continuity/story editor, so I look forward to getting the scripts to review.

During the former meeting, axelicious and I sat while he bounced through the four channels he had devoted to the Olympics. When I got bored with a particular sport, I picked up and read one thing or another. This led to me getting nearly to the end of one book, advancing in a homework book, and finishing a couple weeks worth of comics. First of those was Fairest #5, not bad at all; second was Fables #119, which was sick in a very Grimm's Fairy Tale way, as I suppose it should be. We'll see how it continues. I guess I'm not giving up on the series yet.

Home, we napped. I got over two hours; my wife more. We puttered into the evening, and forestcats then prepared a dish for our Havurah's breakfast for the homeless. However, when it turned out that our cat, Ghost, was in pain, she ran out to the emergency vet clinic, to find out that the poor kitty was stricken with urologic obstruction. He's now in cat heaven. Sadness.

I have no desire to go out today, or do anything outside our property. I have homework, laundry, computer clean-up duties, and maybe even another nap on the agenda, before I start being on call tomorrow...
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