Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Much of the last couple of weeks' viewing on TV has been devoted to Olympics coverage, though forestcats and I agree that we're less than impressed with NBC's work. However, when we've been burned out by it all, we put in some time to watch 42 Up and 49 Up, continuing that series of documentaries about a group of people who've been followed since the early 60s to watch their growth in society. Apparently, correspondents tell me that 56 Up has been shown in Britain a few months ago, so it's not yet out on video. We've found it all interesting, so we'll keep watching for its release.

Another week, another essay; I posted to LJ my World Music essay on Tuvan throat singing. I should look ahead and see what sort of music next week brings, but I'm still struggling to read Dracula for F&SF, and not enjoying it. Essay for that by Tuesday!!!

We're having Rolemaster today. I'm not sure who all will be playing.
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