Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

First day of the convention, we got down to registration and picked up our tags without any trouble. Then, as usual, my beloved ran us through the various not-yet-open rooms such as the artshow, the dealers' room, and so forth, corrupting a nice Canadian couple with her blithe ignoring of the status of the rooms. We also made some purchases of official convention souvenirs, such as shirts, because that particular booth opened as soon as did registration.

We got a quick sandwich somewhere in the bowels of the Earth (I had a reasonable Reuben), and then it was off to panels. I got into Governing the Solar System. By the time it was over, the dealers' room had opened.

I met up with forestcats, rince1wind, mcmatz, and others from LJ and from out of my past while I wandered there. I ended up with four books, another shirt, a steampunky bandolier, a sporran at a very reasonable price, and odd things here and there.

In the evening, five of us went out to dinner a few blocks away from the hotel at The Purple Pig. They also served tapas-style, so we all tasted whatever everybody ordered, and the food was very good. They also had hard cider, of which I partook.

More to do today. Saturday will probably be the busiest day, though.
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