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So, here I am at WorldCon while in the middle of taking a course in Fantasy and Science Fiction Literature. If you think that the books and stories we are reading have no bearing on the field at present, let me tell you a few of the things that I've run into here.

First, two hours after I'd finished reading the material, I sat in on a radio play version of The Island of Dr. Moreau performed by the Moebius Theater Group.

Second, we read The Raven recently; at one of the huckster room booths, they were selling a raven hand puppet.

Third, same hucksters room, one of the dealers was pushing a table of classics in the field; he had three different editions of Frankenstein, all in print.

Fourth, I went to the Masquerade a few hours ago, and one of the Masters-level costumers did a skit of Rumplestiltskin, costuming a half-dozen or so folks for it.

I've also seen the Cory Doctorow book on sale here; I'm sure I've missed other books we've dealt with. It's just too big a convention for me to be everywhere and see everything.

Still, it impressed me that so much of what we're doing is clearly acknowledged in the genre.

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