Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Sunday morning, up and at 'em, finished packing, and then we were off to Midway Airport, after thanking our hosts, the Reids. They were very kind, and we had a lovely time hanging with them.

Midway's security was a real mess, but we finally got through it, and I was glad that we'd left very early. Knowing we wouldn't be fed anything significant on the flight, we got something at a food court in the airport, which for me included a lobster bisque that was vastly better than the one I'd tried to eat in the Dells.

Aboard the flight, I sat next to a physician who was on his way to Palm Springs to interview for a hospitalist position. Interesting chat, but between talking to him, and dozing off, I didn't manage to read the book I was supposed to finish for class.

Taxi home. We were early, which was pleasant. We arrived to joyous howls and barks and three dogs beside themselves with joy. Loissa was still there, and we went over issues at the house while I unpacked, and dumped the laundry into its proper place.

The evening was spent in having dinner at Acapulco (good food), and catching up on whatever was on the DVR. Bed at a fair hour. brushette burrowed under the covers in delight.

And now, back to work. It's going to be a long day, and I still have an essay to write once I finish (hah!) this book, Herland.

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