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October 1st, 2012

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04:10 pm
Yesterday was a Dungeonmaster day, wholly. There was no choice to speak of, because we had to pull out materials to run the show at a different venue. For the time being, I gather that we're going to have storage at Write Act, but we need a new place for the show, and the search continues.

Instead, we went back to our previous site in North Hollywood; the owner was pleased to have us back again (we were good tenants, and didn't burn bridges when we left), and things went fairly smoothly, considering. There was a fair-sized audience, considering Carmageddon 2, and it's probable that we'll be there for the next show as well, while we look for bigger digs.

I'd say that the show went fairly well, though the party was a bit more...dark?...than usual. Our opening act, Jim Ruehl (sp?), a comedian, hung around and saw the show after his bit, and he seemed to enjoy himself, as well, which was nice. We couldn't hang out with folks afterwards, because we had equines to feed.

Busy, busy day...

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