Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Another Orphan's Thanksgiving celebration has run its course. We put in a lot of work; mostly forestcats hard work, to be honest, but I did try to do a fair share. We had over 20 guests, not all human; in fact they included a baby kangaroo named Oz, brought by Judy from her zoo. How cool is that?

Three turkeys cooked, as well as bison tritip; a number of side dishes as well, and then our friends brought a lot also. We opened and downed a case of wine of various varieties; we had a football game for background noise. The party spilled into the backyard, and our friends enjoyed the jumpy tent.

To finish the night, we had an impromptu production meeting for Dungeonmaster to get ahead on plans for the next season, and to make sure that all these changes that the show's been going through are for the better. We've got some cool ideas that will be implemented next season (February).

Some cleanup got done last night; more is already done or started, but there's lots to do. All said, it was delightful; can't wait for next year!

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