Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Yesterday morning, the desktop computer was severely slow, apparently due to a Flash crash, and so I didn't get rolling until early afternoon, unintentionally. A bit more cleanup finished, though mostly by my wife; we also both rested a bit. Then she put on a film from Netflix that she'd meant to watch for some time now, but whose name I can't recall. Amusing, but forgettable, obviously.

Then, well after dark, we drove to LosCon; we had been invited to a wine/cheese/chili/dessert room party at the convention. Nice wines; nice selection of cheese, to which we added a few more, including a blue made by my spouse from scratch. It was nice to chat with folks. It appears that one of the participants persuaded forestcats to come to his panel today, and so after lunch we'll be off to the convention. First time we've gone to LosCon in a while...

We got home early this morning, and I was asleep fast. And that's the day.

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