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December 23rd, 2012

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08:44 am
Saturday was filled with activities, and yet not at all busy. What can I say? I'm conflicted in many ways.

While most of the day, my wife was tied up doing various things for a friend, I went to the mechanic's to get some routine maintenance done on the car: oil change, rotated tires, brake lightbulbs replaced in 2/3 of the sites. I hung out there for about two hours; finished one book and got farther in three more, off the Nook, and then when he got busy out in front of his shop using a chainsaw to trim a tree, I helped out a bit with cleaning up the branches and filing them in the dumpster.

Once finished, I got home, did a little laundry, and digitized two albums, neither of which were all that exciting. I now have a small stack of albums (yes, LPs; what once were called licorice pizzas, whippersnappers!) to bring to Rhino Records to see if they'll buy them. I plan to slowly digitize my collection, and only save a very few items that I really like.

During all this, the kitten, Sven, was a full participant until he ran out of steam and crashed. He went to sleep about 4PM, and didn't awaken again until we got home from dinner.

I never got around to eating, and when forestcats got home, we went out. We tried to get in to a new, all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ place that had opened by one mall (braving the ridiculous traffic), but a 45 minute wait was too much for my hunger, so we wandered over to Red Robin. The food was not outstanding, though the service was very good. I think we'll give it a pass in the future.

During the evening, I finished a second book, as mentioned elsewhere, and I napped a bit to get enough strength up to go upstairs to bed. And so it goes.
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Saturday was filled with activities, and yet not at all busy. What… - This ain't no party, this ain't no disco... — LiveJournal

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