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No sleep Thursday night to Friday morning, dozed on the flights, and then we got to NOLA. We checked into the hotel, and met up with John and Nancy in the French Quarter. Later, we plus Stuart (whose LJ handle escapes me at the moment) and Andrea went to the Green Goddess for dinner; later, twilyght joined us. Then we wandered the French Quarter some more...

Next morning I was out for the count; the lack of sleep and the hot buttered rums from the previous night caught up to me. As I was doing my ablutions, forestcats went with twilyght to the Garden District. Later they met me and we headed to the Terminal to catch the Navigator of the Seas, the cruise ship. In total, eight friends all gathered for a fun week.

The ship has unmoored, and we're working our way down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico in thick fog. The fog horn goes off every now and then.

Soon, I will return to the cabin to call it a night. It's restful.

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